Tinubu told me to make Abuja world class city – Wike

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Nyesom Wike, has said that President Ahmed Bola Tinubu told him to make the country’s capital, Abuja a world class city.

Additionally, Mr. Wike pledged to finish building the B6 and B12 highways, which connect Constitution Avenue to City Gate in Abuja, in the following seven months.

After visiting some abandoned construction sites in Abuja on Thursday, he gave the guarantee and stated that the Federal Secretariat’s reconstruction would also be finished in seven to eight months.

The Vice President’s home, which has been given since 2010, was one of the abandoned projects that was seen.

Another project that was seen was the 2009-awarded National Assembly presiding officers’ house, which is close to the complex.

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The minister visited the Millennium Tower building site in Central Area, Abuja, together with the Minister of State for FCT, Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, and the Permanent Secretary, FCT Administration, Adesola Olusade.

A multipurpose building, the Millennium Tower has spaces for cultural expositions, tourism, socializing, leisure, hospitality, and business ventures.

Mr. Wike stated that he dislikes making excuses and that he would work as hard as he could to complete some of the projects. He also stated that if the ministry was unable to complete any of the projects, he would approach President Bola Tinubu for assistance.

He called the highway that connects the city gate to Constitution Avenue a “very important infrastructure” that will alter Abuja’s appearance.

He claimed that if money were made available, the building company had pledged to complete the project within the following seven months.

In addition, Julius Berger had committed to complete the Federal Secretariat reconstruction in seven to eight months, the speaker continued.

“I want to assure you that in the next six to seven months the two projects would be completed,” he said.

On the residence of the Vice President and presiding officers of the National Assembly, the minister said that he would report to President Tinubu to agree on a way forward.

He described the Millennium building as a “very interesting facility” that ought to turn Abuja around, and bring tourists and families to have fun.

“We know we are going to face some challenges and we are here to solve problems. If there were no problem, President Tinubu would not have been here.

“He promised Nigerians that he knows their challenges and he will do anything he could to surmount them.

“Before we were sworn in, Mr president had told me and the Minister of State, to do everything we can to bring back some of the structures and facilities that will make Abuja a world class city.

“One of them is the road network and facilities like the Millennium Tower that will bring tourists and families to come around and have fun,” he said.

He acknowledged the difficulty in obtaining funds and said he would meet with the Permanent Secretary of FCTA and the Minister of State for FCT to reorganize how some of the projects were being funded.

In addition, he indicated that rather than distributing N500 million year to a project that costs more than N150 billion, he would attach funding to a specific project and see it through.

“It means that in the next 20 years, you cannot complete the project. So, what is the benefit of wasting public funds? He asked.

“Fund is a challenge, yes, but we are here to solve such a challenge.” the minister said.

Shehu Hadi, the FCTA’s executive secretary, as well as other directors and top management representatives were also present in the minister’s entourage.

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