Strike: Labour rejects Tinubu’s N25,000 salary increase for low level workers

The Organised Labour has categorically rejected President Bola Tinubu’s proposed N25,000 interim salary rise to offset the impact of the recent elimination of the petrol subsidy.

During a vital meeting with the Federal Government team on Sunday at the Permanent Conference Room in the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Labour representatives expressed their opposition to the planned pay increase.

Remember that President Tinubu proposed a N25,000 temporary pay for low-level government employees in his inaugural Independence Day Anniversary address to Nigerians on Sunday.

However, labor unions disagreed, claiming that the wage should be set at 100% of the current minimum wage.

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Furthermore, labor organizations urged that the provisional salary hike apply to all workers and not be restricted to a six-month period, but rather be extended until the passage of a new minimum wage next year.

Furthermore, organized labour advocated for an increase in the Conditional Cash Transfer program, arguing that the amount be increased to N25,000, rather than the N5,000 previously disbursed by the previous administration.

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