Bobrisky ridicules Jay Boogie after failed surgery

Bobrisky, a prominent transgender and social media influencer, recently took to Instagram to mock Jay Boogie following Jay Boogie’s cryout about complications after undergoing body enhancement surgery.

Jay Boogie, a transgender person, was reportedly unable to urinate for nearly 24 hours after her surgery.

The situation unfolded after Jay Boogie shared her concerns on social media, expressing her distress and indicating that if anything went wrong, she held  Dr. Dinma, with Curvy Girl Essentials accountable for the outcome.

Seizing the opportunity to take a dig at Jay Boogie, Bobrisky, who has also undergone surgical procedures in the past, viewed this as a form of revenge for the taunts and criticism she had received from Jay Boogie when she herself had surgery.

In a taunting post on social media, Bobrisky openly ridiculed Jay Boogie, appearing to revel in a sense of vindication. Bobrisky stated:
“Good… what goes around comes around! This boy constantly threw shade at me when I had my surgery done. There’s nothing he didn’t say. He boasted about his natural body, but karma caught up with him so swiftly. Next time, all of you should invest in the best doctors, not weak ones. Signing out in peace,” marking what he saw as poetic justice.

Meanwhile, Jay Boogie was reported to be in the hospital receiving medical attention. We hope that she receives the necessary care and recovers soon.

This incident has sparked a conversation about the risks and consequences associated with elective surgical procedures, emphasizing the importance of choosing skilled and qualified medical professionals for such endeavors.

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