Samsung users uncovers trick that can make their battery life ‘last up to 40 hours’

Samsung smartphone users have only recently discovered a little-known method that can increase their battery life in a matter of seconds.

The trick, which was posted on the TikTok page ‘imparkerburton,’ just takes a few seconds to sort and can be toggled on or off at the user’s option at any time.

To complete the trick, users just need to swipe down twice to find “quick settings” and then look for and toggle “Limit apps and Home screen” at the bottom.

In the video, the phone can be seen with 13 hours of battery life but after toggling the setting it jumps to a massive 42 hours.

The setting works by turning off almost every other app and effectively making it a “dumb phone”.

Luckily, if users do want to use a particular app they can, but that will decrease the battery life at a faster rate.

Although this potentially life-saving feature is seen to be only available on Samsung phones, iPhone users can still find lots of quick tips to keep their phone juiced for longer than usual.

Posting under the username, ‘T-Sply’ on TikTok, they claimed this trick can give users “unlimited cell phone battery.”

In order to complete the clever hack, iPhone users should go to their iPhone’s settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size and switch on ‘Reduce White Point’.

This comes after it was revealed that charging your smart phone to 100 per cent can do damage to your phone’s overall health.

The “Apple Expert” said: “Science actually tells us that we need to have our battery charging levels between 20 and 90 per cent to preserve battery health.

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