Tinubu requested to sell crude to Naira-based Dangote Refinery

The National Patriotic Elders Forum has encouraged President Bola Tinubu to see to it that Nigerian crude oil is sold to the refinery in Naira when the Dangote Refinery starts up.

The National President of the Forum, Dr. Bature AbdulAziz, claimed this would increase the value of the Naira and lower the cost of the company’s petroleum products for Nigerians in a statement given to reporters in Kano.

President Tinubu’s efforts to ensure the refinery’s operation were applauded by AbdulAziz, who also noted that the sale of refined products will stabilize the Nigerian oil and gas market and increase the value of the Naira.

“There should be a robust working cooperation and understanding between the Government and Dangote Refinery to ensure that the prices of petroleum products are reduced when the refinery commences full production.

“I believe that when the Refinery commences full production the hard-earned Nigerian foreign currency being wasted on importation of refined petroleum products will be channeled to other important sectors that will boost the living standards of Nigerians,” he said.

The President also said that the actualization of the Dangote Refinery Production showed that all the promises of President Tinubu would be realised, adding,”what he needs now are the patience and understanding of the Citizens.”

AbdulAziz then urged President Tinubu to give much priority to agriculture so as to boost the nation’s food security and drastically curtail insecurity, especially in rural areas.

“Government also needs to intensify efforts to address the escalating insecurity in the country.It should devise new strategies with Intelligence networking given more attention.

“We know that the President is doing his best in that regard,but more needs to be done to safeguard the lives and property of Nigerians,” he added.

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