‘Iran – N26, Angola – N330…’ : See OPEC members petrol price list as at Jan 2024

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a permanent international group of oil-exporting developing countries that coordinates and unites their respective petroleum policies.

OPEC member countries’ petrol prices per litre (Naira equivalent) as of 22 January 2024 are listed below.

Iran: ₦26.19
Libya: ₦28.52
Venezuela: ₦32.04
Kuwait: ₦312.38
Algeria: ₦312.46
Angola: ₦330.09
Iraq: ₦523.91
Qatar: ₦528.04
Saudi Arabia: ₦568.74
Ecuador: ₦580.41
Nigeria: ₦648.93
UAE: ₦675.43
Gabon: ₦902.72

Source : #StatiSense

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