Portable lands in hospital days after ‘attack’, calls for prayer

Portable, the controversial Nigerian musician, is lying in the hospital after suffering injuries as a result of an alleged assault.

On Monday, the musician posted videos of himself in a scuffle with some men after allegedly refusing to refund N3.5 million for a feature song.

While explaining the situation, the singer stated that he had signed a deal to appear on a song by two US-based artists.

He stated that the artists agreed to pay N2.5 million to his manager last year.

However, believing his price had risen this year, he asked an additional N1 million, which was provided.

He claimed that despite making a video with them in Ajah, they attacked him and demanded a refund.

He added that his eyes were “bruised” during the alleged assault.

In an update shared via Instagram on Friday, Portable, who was lying in a hospital bed, lamented that he was, “feeling so much pain”.

He also cried out that he does not “want to die young” while calling for prayers from his fans.

“Feeling so much pain right now, just your prayer. I don’t want to die young,” he wrote in one of the posts.

“Nobody fights for me, but I get GOD. A truth only always on my right, if GOD is GOD I no go fall ZAZUU.

“Didn’t get my self right since I was beaten by those guys, from one pain to another, just being strong for my self and lover pray for me make GOD heal me totally.

“Evil people them want fall me Thank God Say man no be God.”

In one of the videos, Portable revealed his wounded legs and arms soaked in blood.

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