Dangote Refinery plans to start producing gasoline, polypropylene in March

Aliko Dangote, President/Chief Executive of Dangote Industries Limited, has hinted that the Dangote Refinery will start producing gasoline and polypropylene in March 2024.

He expressed confidence that Nigeria’s reliance on imported refined petroleum products would be ended soon.

Speaking at the Dangote Cement Distributor’s award night for 2023, titled ‘Forward Together,’ he also revealed that efforts are underway to merge Dangote Sugar Refinery, Dangote Salt, and Dangote Rice into Dangote Foods.

He noted that the consolidation is a strategy to capitalize on the benefits of backward integration through connections and establish a more powerful food subsidiary, adding that by 2025, the company would be producing a million tons of rice, which is expected to generate thousands of employment.

Dangote assured Nigerians of continual research and improvement in the manufacturing processes to produce the highest quality products in the market.

He said: “We are celebrating an enduring partnership that has elevated us to become Africa’s largest cement company; a partnership that is aptly captured by the theme of today’s event. This partnership has seen us toil shoulder-to-shoulder to overcome various obstacles in the cement sector and deliver value for all stakeholders.

“We are renewing and strengthening the trust you reposed in us by remaining true to Dangote Cement. We are deepening this relationship as we continue the ‘forward together journey to retain and extend our lead in the domestic market.

“Our refinery has kicked off the refining of crude oil with Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and JETA1 fuel as initial products. We expect gasoline and polypropylene by the end of March. We believe that Nigeria’s dependence on imported refined petroleum products will be eliminated very soon.

“We trust that our refinery will largely transform Nigeria’s economy, create more linkages, and ensure the evolution of ancillary industries dependent on its byproducts. We are hopeful that more jobs will be created, therefore reducing the level of youth unemployment and improving livelihoods.”

The Group Managing Director, Dangote Cement, Mr Arvind Pathak, commended the customers for their support to the success of the business.


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