Rivers crisis: We are standing strong because of Tinubu’s support – Gov Fubara

Siminalayi Fubara, the governor of Rivers state, has warned his followers that without President Bola Tinubu, they will not stand to praise God for his Supreme Court triumph.

Fubara spoke at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Opobo Town, Opobo/Nkoro local government area, on Sunday, January 28, as part of a special thanksgiving to commemorate his triumph.

Fubara was cited as saying: “When I look at your faces, even when I feel heavy in my spirit, I’m encouraged to be happy.”

“It has not been easy, I can say it. A lot of people who started this journey with us ought to have been here with us but unfortunately they are not here. God knows why. We can’t question the Almighty.

“But one thing we can’t take away (is that) God does not make any mistake. Whatever happens, when it happens, it is for a purpose.

“I’m happy to return this glory to God Almighty, to say thank you God, and give me extra energy to continue with the battle. But no battle can be bigger than God.

“I want to thank God first, our dear President, he’s been great and wonderful father. He has supported and I can say it without being economical with the truth that we are standing here is because of his support.

“I want to thank again, my family. They are suffering, that’s the truth because of this cause. You just have to be strong and understand that after a while you’ll get me back. But for now, these (Rivers) people are the ones that own me.

“I want to thank our leaders that are here and the ones that are not here for all your support, before this journey started, while the journey was on and also now, that we have gotten victory to validate your mandate.

“I want to thank specially, the good people of Rivers State who remained firm in the face of provocation to say we stand by the truth.

“You might not have any title. You might not have any name but you have a very wonderful name (fill a space) in my heart and God knows what you’ve done and will bless you for it.

“We came in, we were selected because they believed we have something that we will do for our State. We have not been given the opportunity to do those things that we ought to do for our State.

“We have had a lot of distractions but I strongly believe that while we navigate the path of peace, prayer is also needed for us to pass over this phase. Continue to put us in your prayers. There is nothing that God cannot do”.

Speaking about his 49th birthday, Fubara said: “It’s just a coincidence, actually my birthday, I didn’t plan it but the organiser of the programme has to fix in the birthday.

“I’m also thanking God for this wonderful day. Maybe I’ll take the birthday happiness to make myself more happier.

In all, I just want to ask that we all continue to pray for peace.”

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