BREAKING: President Tinubu okays immediate establishment of military base in Plateau

President Bola Tinubu has ordered the urgent construction of a military barracks in the wake of the devastating attacks that claimed over 200 lives in three local government areas in Plateau state: Barkin Ladi, Mangu, and Bokkos.

The Bokkos local government area’s Miller Farm (Gada Biyu) Mbar District is where the barracks would be situated.

Tinubu gave the Chief of Defense Staff, General Christopher Musa, instructions to organize the initiative’s execution in order to solve the security issues the area is now facing.

Joshua Dariye, the former governor of the state of Plateau, worked to make it easier for the Barracks to be established in order to put an end to the ongoing attacks that have led to frequent deaths, extensive looting, and property destruction.

When the Barracks are operational, they will act quickly to stop the ongoing attacks and deaths in neighboring Nasarawa state as well as Bokkos, Mangu, Riyom, and Barkin Ladi.

This campaign is particularly important in light of the simultaneous looting, killing, and sacking of some communities on Christmas Eve in the local government areas of Barkin Ladi, Mangu, and Bokkos in 2023.

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