Kaduna Electric offers 10% wage hike for employees

Kaduna Electric has officially announced a 10% salary raise across all personnel categories, effective February 2024.

Umar Hashidu, Chief Executive Officer of Kaduna Electric, made the statement during a recent meeting with the management team.

The compensation modification is a strategic response to the requirement of inspiring employees, aiming at improving the company’s overall performance despite the significant obstacles it is currently facing.

Hashidu stressed that the decision also addressed the country’s ongoing cost of living crisis.

Furthermore, the Kaduna Electric CEO stressed the Board’s and Management’s belief that the compensation increase will act as a catalyst, pushing employees to redouble their efforts to steer the firm through its current issues.

He reaffirmed the Board’s unshakable commitment to prioritizing employee welfare, as underscored by the Board’s Chairperson, Ms. Rahila Thomas, during a recent visit to the company, while also hinting that this initial compensation modification is part of a larger plan.

Hashidu acknowledged the perilous status of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI), describing it as “on life support,” and added that Kaduna Electric is facing issues in meeting market responsibilities, resulting in trouble meeting NERC performance indices.

Despite these hurdles, Hashidu expressed faith that the company’s problems may be solved by joint effort.

He urged all employees to tackle their jobs with care, highlighting the positive growth trajectory in energy sales in January as a hopeful indicator, and asked them to keep the momentum going until the company achieves a good turnaround.

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