(BREAKING)Hardship: Protest hits Nigerian prison

On Friday, convicts at the Correctional Centre in Jos, Plateau State’s capital, protested a decision to lower their food ration.

The convicts began to protest as soon as they were informed of the downward evaluation of food portion.

During the demonstration, the detainees refused to take orders from the custodial personnel and skipped breakfast.

They crowded in the center of the jail yard, shouting at the top of their lungs, but custodial staff used tear gas to push them back to their quarters.

Raphael Ibinuhi, Comptroller of the Jos Correctional Center, confirmed the inmates’ protest.

He said, “The problem has to do with the high cost of goods in the market. The contractor in charge of the foods said they are being forced by the price of food items to reduce the size of the plate of foods.

“So, it is the food size that provoked the protest. I don’t think the protest is necessary because the food challenge and the cost of items is a national issues that the federal government is already addressing. And I want to believe that since it is a national issue, whatever step taken by the federal government to address it will be felt everywhere in the country including the Correctional centers.”

The rising cost of living in the country has triggered protest in different parts of the country.

On Monday, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) mobilised a nationwide protest, which President Bola Tinubu described as unacceptable.

While commissioning the Lagos Red Line Train connecting Agbado to Oyingbo, the president had said, “Allow me to throw a jab here. The Labour Union should understand that no matter how much we cling to our freedom and rights, to call for strike within 9 months of an administration is unacceptable.”

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