Hunger: Residents break into warehouse in Abuja, loot foodstuffs

On Sunday, some Abuja citizens stormed into a government storage facility in Gwagwa and looted food stuffs

Individuals who testified about the unfortunate incident reported that about 7 a.m., a group of youngsters stormed into the warehouse in the Tasha section of the village and looted sacks of corn and grain.

A local, Jaafar Aminu, said the looting went unabated until 9 a.m., when he spoke with our reporter.

He claimed that some citizens, as well as people from adjacent Jiwa and Karmo towns, gathered to the scene with the objective of looting.

According to him, the scenario has generated a gridlock on the Gwagwa-Karmo route, which connects to the Dei-Dei and Jabi axes, respectively.

Aminu stated that he left the location with bruises.

Another resident, Christopher Agbo, stated that the looters did not spare even the protectors who were stationed at the spot as they took whatever useful from the warehouse.

It should be noted that the warehouse was also looted during the COVID-19 lockdown. Looters took grain bags and intervention pumping machinery from the facility.

After storming the store, the rioting teenagers proceeded to Idu Industrial Estate, an area that houses warehouses owned by individuals and the government.

At the time this report was filed, there were no security personnel present to monitor the attacks.

However, when approached, FCT police spokesman SP Josephine Adeh stated that police were already on the ground attempting to contain the situation.

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