Why I married Regina Daniels – Sen Ned Nwoko

Ned Nwoko, a legislator representing Delta North senatorial district, has revealed why he married Nollywood actress Regina Daniels.

The 63-year-old congressman revealed details about his relationship with the 23-year-old actress in an interview with Channels Television’s Seun Okinbaloye, which was posted on YouTube Saturday.

Despite a substantial age difference, Mr Nwoko married the actress on May 26, 2019 in Aniocha Local Government Area, Delta State.

His fame has grown significantly after their marriage, particularly among the younger generation, thanks to his actress wife’s large fan base.

Mr Nwoko shed insight on their marriage, saying, “I married her specifically because she is from my place. I wanted to marry a woman from my hometown, and I was seeking for the appropriate one. By the time I met her, I knew she was the one.

“If you must hear this, I knew that I wanted a wife from my place because I was under pressure from my family and the traditional rulers to marry someone from my place. Regina ticked all the boxes.”

He elaborated on the criteria he had set for his prospective spouse, emphasising the importance of finding someone independent-minded with a career.

The senator said he rejected proposals from his family to marry other girls from his community.

“Before Regina, my uncles brought some local girls and said, ‘You must marry this one or that one’, but I said they don’t meet the criteria of what I want.

“And I said to them, ‘Look, I am from a royal family; we have our requirements and traditions; I can’t marry a woman who is not a virgin. I can’t, and I wouldn’t.”

The standard
Describing the initial encounter with Regina, Mr Nwoko said, “I asked immediately we met if she was a virgin, and she said ‘Yes.’”

He further outlined his expectations, including a dedication to sports, particularly tennis and swimming, which are integral to his family’s lifestyle. According to him, Regina embraced these requirements wholeheartedly, excelling in them beyond expectations.

He said, “I told her ‘Every member of my family must do sport.’ she said, ‘What sport?’ and I told her that you must play tennis and swim; everybody swims, everybody plays tennis. And she said that she would do it. And now she does it better than everyone.”

When asked if he experienced love at first sight, Mr Nwoko said, “I like what I saw. There are many girls, but beyond what is seen, she met everything I was looking for. So if I meet Regina again, I will marry her again.”

Similarly, in October 2019, Regina justified her decision to marry the lawmaker saying they both share common interests including a love for swimming.

Long before she was romantically linked with Mr Nwoko, the actress was an internet sensation due to her obsession with state-of-the-art cars and tattoos.

Mr Nwoko has had a long-time affair with Nollywood, having bankrolled some movie projects in the past.


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