Popular Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, wife welcome baby girl

Emeka Ike, a Nollywood actor, and his wife, Yolanda Pfeiffer, are celebrating the birth of a newborn daughter.

The baby’s birth falls on Emeka’s birthday, which is on Thursday.

The well-known actor shared the news in an Instagram post, showing his pleasure over their new arrival.

Hr expressed gratitude to his wife, saying that they named their child Chidera Comfort Thando Ike.

The actor stated that the new child’s arrival is a double blessing and comfort for the family.


“Happy BIRTHDAY to me and WELCOME to baby, Chidera COMFORT Thando Ike.

“The good LORD has filled the huge vacuum that Mama COMFORT Okwuchi Ike left behind, with another COMFORT Chidera T Ike.

“My family and l are COMFORTED and can’t ask for any better, this solemn times.

“Thank you to my beautiful wife for taking the pains, of this wonderful gift.”


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