Electricity hike: AEDC informs clients how to determine their band classification

Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) has informed its customers of one of the ways to identify their tariff band classification.

News24 Nigeria reports that the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, on Wednesday, approved an increase in the electricity tariff for customers under the Band A classification who enjoy 20 hours of daily electricity supply.

But responding to an inquiry by News24 Nigeria on specific areas that are classified as Band A in Abuja, AEDC said such information is not for general knowledge but directed a visit to the website of the company for information on individual customer.

“Please be informed that this information is not for general knowledge. However, if you want to know yours, please click on the link; abujaelectricity.com to check on your tariff band. S.A,” AEDC said in an X message to the PlatinumPost reporter on Thursday.

A visit to the site shows that customers can check their tarrif band by clicking on Customer Service, then proceed to Check Tarriffs and enter a meter number to know the classification.

Meanwhile, AEDC has apologised to its customers over the wrongful billing of the new tariff rate.

The firm attributed the development to a system glitch.

This was disclosed in a tweet via the company’s X handle on Thursday.

In its apology message, the AEDC noted that some Band A customers were wrongfully charged while recharging their meters, while former Band A customers who had been downgraded to Band B were charged the new tariff of N225 per Kilowatt Hour.

The tweet titled, ‘Public notice,’ read, “This is to inform customers across the Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc franchise that we are aware of the wrong charges faced by some Band A customers who tried to recharge their meters following the new tariff regime.

“This was due to a system glitch caused by the reclassification of some Band A customers who have now been downgraded to Band B due to the number of hours of electricity supply enjoyed over the past few weeks.

“These erstwhile Band A customers who vended were charged the new tariff of N225 per Kilowatt Hour. Our team is working to identify the customers affected, and all excess charges will be refunded.

“The situation also saw some Band A customers who are now charged N225 vend at the old rate. Once the glitch is resolved, this category of customers will now recharge their meters at the new rate of N225, which will ensure they enjoy a minimum supply of 20 hours daily.”

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers during this change. We remain committed to improving power supply to all categories of customers, and we crave your understanding and support as we do this,” the statement read.

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