Drama as Edo commissioner stripped of chieftaincy title after asking monarch to ‘meet her in car’

Uyi Oduwa-Malaka, Edo State Commissioner for Arts, Culture, Tourism, and Diaspora Affairs, has been removed of the honorary chieftaincy (Uzoyare of Ozalla Kingdom) bestowed upon her by Nathaniel Igelugbo Omogbai, Okpamen IX, the Onotare of Ozalla Kingdom in Owan West Local Government Area.

She was accused of immorality and disrespect to the monarch after allegedly inviting him to meet her in the car as she drove into the palace on April 12, 2024.

A press statement issued by the palace spokesman, Dr. Osumah Obaze, and made accessible to journalists in Benin on Thursday, highlighted that the Onotare ordered the immediate revocation of her title to dissuade others from desecrating the respected throne.

The statement also said that another title, Ozemevboya of Ozalla Kingdom, given to George Ohioma, has also been revoked and is now the exclusive preserve of “Ozalla freeborns.”

The statement read, “Her legion of offences, among others, includes openly insulting the Onotare and for not paying obeisance to the Onotare on the 13th of April, 2024, during Ivbamen festival in the presence of the Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly, Blessing Agbebaku and Chairman, Owan West Local Government, Dickson Ahonsi and for openly boasting to remove the traditional ruler from office.

“In the same vein, the Onotare of Ozalla, His Royal Highest, Nathaniel Igelugbo Omogbai, also revoked the honorary chieftaincy title, Ozemevboya of Ozalla Kingdom conferred on George Ohioma alias Armani, for openly insulting and physically assaulting the Onotare and Secretary to the Onotare, Ehichioya Ujuanbi in the presence of the Speaker to Edo State House of Assembly, Blessing Agbebaku and the Chairman of Owan West Local Government Council, Dickson Ahonsi at the Onotare’s Palace.

“The title Ozemevboya of Ozalla Kingdom is now the exclusive reserve of the freeborn of Ozalla Kingdom,. The Onotare of Ozalla, His Royal Highest Nathaniel Igelugbo Omogbai has banned/ostracided Oduwa-Malaka and Ohioma from the palace with immediate effect. This is for the information of the general public.”

Oduwa-Malaka could not be reached on the phone, and she did not respond to inquiries about the development, including when the press statement was sent to her Whatsapp number for response.

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