Real reason Tinubu appointed Northerners into key positions – Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu, the National Security Adviser, revealed on Thursday that President Bola Tinubu purposely recruited northerners to crucial positions.

Ribadu, who spoke in Sokoto, said the President chose northerners to take leadership of critical sites because he wanted the region’s concerns to be addressed directly.

Delivering lecture on “Navigating The Maze: Addressing Multi-Dimensional Insecurity Challenges In Northern Nigeria” as part of the activities marking the 38,39,40 and 41st combined convocation of Usmanu Danfordiyo University, Sokoto, he lamented that the North was facing myriad of challenges, ranging from insecurity and out-of-school children, among others.

He added that, the poverty index in the region was alarming.

“At the time he (Tinubu) was forming this government, he said the North was very dear to his heart that he would do everything to address its challenges.

“This is why he appointed northerners into key offices. He handed over security and Defence to the North. He gave us both ministers for Agriculture and Education. He also gave us Minister of Health and Foreign Affairs in his quest to turn around the fortune of the region.

“He gave us chance. Now the rest is on us, we northerners. Lets put our differences aside and work for the betterment of our region and Nigeria,” he said.

On the insecurity, he said the present government had achieved a lot, citing cases of some bandit commanders who were recently killed by security operatives and tens of thousands of kidnapped victims rescued without paying a dime.

“As I am talking to you, there is no known case of student abduction of students that is unresolved anywhere in the country. And where are bandits’ leaders like Ali Kawaje, Boderi, Damina and Dangote? They have all been eliminated.”

“In the past we have had cases of organised terrorism attacks by insurgents groups like what their attacks on our train, military formations, or churches. Since we got in there has not been anything like that.

“And go to Niger Delta, it is peaceful today. In the East people were been stopped and killed, there were over 40 police stations shut down but all of them are now functional. All these changes happened because we work.

“We will continue to work. We are not jokers. We are serious and in Sha Allah, Nigeria will see the difference,” he said

According to Ribadu, Tinubu’s government is adopting counterinsurgency strategies aimed at winning the hearts and minds of the local population, isolating insurgents from their support base and preventing the recruitment of new members.

“These strategies involve engaging with communities, providing humanitarian assistance and promoting reconciliation and deradicalization programme.”

“This sort of approach is a core focus of the Renewed Hope Agenda. Its initiatives include infrastructural development, job creation, education and healthcare provision as well as efforts to tackle poverty and inequality,” he said.

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