Residents enjoy free drinks after truck transporting beer crashes in Abuja

In an unexpected turn of events on Tuesday, Abuja residents found themselves with a unique opportunity for free beer after a truck carrying the beverage overturned near the popular Berger roundabout.

The accident occurred around 4 p.m. along the Mabushi and Berger expressway when the truck veered off the road due to the driver losing control.

Witnesses quickly gathered around the fallen truck, taking advantage of the situation by helping themselves to the beer.

Passersby, motorists, and even some of Abuja’s elite in luxury cars joined the impromptu gathering.

The scene took on a festive atmosphere as dispatch riders, Bolt, and Uber drivers temporarily paused their trips to join in the free drinks.

Residents were spotted carrying away crates of beer, with some even bringing buckets to fill.

It was revealed that the company owning the beer truck instructed the driver to allow people to take the beer to prevent waste.

Meanwhile, road safety officers were on-site to manage the situation and prepare to tow the truck. Fortunately, there were no casualties in the incident.

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