JUST IN: Dethroned Emir of Kano, Bayero addresses Kano residents

Aminu Bayero, the recently dethroned 15th Emir of Kano, has urged the people of Kano to remain calm and adhere to the rule of law in the wake of his removal from the throne.

Speaking from the mini-palace where he has taken residence since his return to the state, Bayero emphasized the importance of justice and assured the public that it will prevail.

In a public address delivered in Hausa, Bayero urged the people of Kano to remain law-abiding and patient as the legal process unfolds. “I call on the people to remain law-abiding while awaiting the outcome of the legal process in this tussle,” he stated.

Bayero appealed to the authorities to act justly in resolving the matter, highlighting Kano’s significant role in Nigeria. “Kano is a very influential state in Nigeria.

Whatever affects Kano affects Nigeria. May peace reign in Kano. We pray for Allah to bless Kano with responsible and just leaders. Justice is the way to go on every issue,” Bayero asserted.

Reaffirming his commitment to the rule of law, Bayero vowed to accept the legal outcome, whatever it may be. “There will be justice. Nobody is above the law. We will accept whatever the law says. I appreciate all the people who have shown concern,” he added.

Concluding his address, Bayero expressed his hopes for peace and protection for the people of Kano. “As I said, justice will take its course. We will keep on praying for peace in Kano State. May Allah the Almighty protect us,” he prayed.

This call for calm and adherence to the rule of law reflects Bayero’s dedication to a peaceful resolution and underscores the critical need for stability in the influential state of Kano.

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