Terrorists murder 7 policemen, 35 others

In a series of tragic events, terrorists have unleashed violence on multiple villages in Zamfara and Katsina states, resulting in the loss of at least 42 lives.

In Zamfara State, the village of Magarya in Zurmi Local Government Area bore the brunt of the attacks, with 12 individuals, including seven policemen, falling victim to the brutality.

The Commissioner of Police, Muhammad Dalijan, confirmed the tragic loss of his officers, revealing that the bandits, estimated to be around 300 in number, launched the assault on motorbikes.

The targeted officers had been instrumental in thwarting previous attempts by the bandits, earning their ire in the process.

Eyewitness accounts painted a harrowing picture of the assault, with residents recounting how the assailants struck at dawn while the villagers were preparing for morning prayers. Amidst the chaos, two houses, a car, and numerous silos were set ablaze, and livestock were rustled, although thankfully no abductions were reported.

The frequency of such attacks has instilled fear among the villagers, prompting many to flee for safer grounds. Ibrahim Shehu, one of the residents, expressed the pervasive terror gripping the community, underscoring the urgent need for enhanced security measures.

Meanwhile, in Katsina State, similar acts of violence unfolded in villages across Dutsinma and Safana Local Government Areas, claiming the lives of no fewer than 30 individuals. The affected villages, including Tashar Kawai Mai Zurfi, Sabon Gari Unguwar Banza, and others, were subjected to relentless attacks, forcing residents to abandon their homes in search of refuge.

Despite repeated attempts to reach the Katsina State Police Command for comment, no response was forthcoming, leaving many residents feeling abandoned by the authorities.

These incidents underscore the urgent need for concerted efforts to stem the tide of banditry and restore peace and security to the affected regions.

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