Real reason I won’t return to Aso Villa – Patience Jonathan

Former Nigerian First Lady, Patience Jonathan, has expressed her reluctance to return to the presidential villa if asked to resume her role.

Speaking at a recent public event captured in a viral video, she cited the overwhelming stress of Nigeria as her reason.

Mrs. Jonathan emphasized that the toll of the presidency had visibly aged her, remarking, “If you call me now for villa, I wouldn’t go there. I won’t. Don’t you see how young I am? The stress is so much.”

She reflected on the challenges of her previous tenure, suggesting that once God has brought someone out of such a role, there may be little desire to return.

Patience Jonathan, known for her use of pidgin English during her time as First Lady, including phrases like “na only you waka come,” highlighted the profound impact of stress during her leadership alongside her husband, former President Goodluck Jonathan, who left office in 2015 following electoral defeat to Muhammadu Buhari.

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