Tragic prank at Nigerian university claims live of student

Ifunanya Miracle from Abia State dedicated five years to her Quantity Surveying studies at Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) with hopes of bettering her family’s future. Tragically, she lost her life shortly after completing her course.

To support herself financially while studying, Ifunanya ran a small point-of-sale (POS) business. However, last week, her promising life came to a sudden and tragic end.

Known for her quiet demeanor, Ifunanya was seen by her family as a beacon of hope, anticipating her positive impact once she graduated.

Initially, the circumstances of her death were unclear. However, Chief Ken Chukwurah, Chief Safety Officer (CSO) at UNIZIK, provided clarity.

He explained to VANGUARD that Ifunanya and another female student, who lived off-campus, were not victims of a robbery, as was initially rumoured.

“All parties involved are students. The two girls were preparing for their graduation clearance,” Chukwurah stated. “A male student, who was with them in a tricycle (Keke), made a joke, saying, ‘What if I collect your phones at this late hour?’ In fear, the girls jumped out of the moving vehicle. Unfortunately, Ifunanya hit her head on the road, sustaining fatal injuries. Her friend, though injured, survived and is receiving treatment.”

To dispel robbery rumors, Chukwurah noted that the boy, whose name was withheld, accompanied the girls to the University Medical Center and later to Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital, where Ifunanya succumbed to her injuries. The boy also reported himself to the police on his father’s advice.

The CSO added, “The boy stayed with them throughout the night and took responsibility, showing it was a tragic accident rather than an attack.”

The families of both parties later met in Chukwurah’s office. The deceased’s family expressed that they did not wish to pursue legal action but requested the boy’s family to cover the burial expenses, which were estimated at N450,000, plus an additional N61,000 for a family ritual. The boy’s family agreed to pay N950,000 in total.

“The boy’s family has already transferred N500,000 to the deceased’s family. They have requested the full amount to settle the police case promptly, allowing them to focus on the burial,” Chukwurah stated. “We are relieved that the families have resolved the matter amicably.”

Ifunanya’s body, currently in the mortuary in Awka, will be transported to Abia State once the case is closed.

A fellow student, Chioma, who was with Ifunanya on the day of the incident, reflected on the tragedy. “We were all looking forward to the future after our studies. Ifunanya’s POS business helped her make ends meet. It’s heartbreaking that a prank led to such a tragic outcome. Perhaps it was fate,” she said.

Ifunanya’s untimely death has left her family and friends in deep mourning, shattering their dreams of a brighter future.

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