Popular Nigerian Catholic priest reverses decision to quit church, gives reason

Reverend Father Paul Obayi, a popular Catholic priest in Nsukka Diocese, Enugu State, who recently threatened to leave the church due to alleged oppression, has changed his stance.

On 8 October 2023, Father Obayi, widely known as Father Okunerere and the spiritual director of Okunerere Adoration Ministry, accused Bishop Godfrey Onah and other church authorities of repeated oppression.

He claimed they denied him ownership of several properties he had personally acquired for his ministry, causing a significant debate within the diocese.

But in a video on his ministry’s Facebook page on Thursday, Father Obayi announced that he and Bishop Onah have reconciled, calling the previous misunderstanding a “bygone issue.”

He expressed gratitude to those who mediated and revealed that the reconciliation took place during the last Easter celebration on 31 March.

Enugu, a predominantly Christian state with a large Catholic population, witnessed considerable discussions over Father Obayi’s initial allegations and his subsequent reconciliation with the church authorities.

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