Samoa Agreement: Nigerian government clarifies stance on same-s3x marriage

The President Bola Tinubu-led Nigerian government has confirmed that it signed the Samoa Agreement but emphasized that its national law prohibiting same-sex marriage remains unchanged and takes precedence over the agreement.

This international accord, which includes clauses urging support for LGBT rights as a condition for receiving aid from developed nations, has stirred considerable debate.

Signed in Apia, Samoa, the agreement is gaining traction among several countries, although it faces opposition from nations with strong Islamic and Christian values.

In response to the controversy, Nigeria’s Minister of Information, Mohammed Idris, issued a statement clarifying the country’s position on Thursday.

He detailed the history and structure of the Samoa Agreement, noting that it involves cooperation between the EU and the Organization of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS).

The agreement encompasses various regional protocols, including those for Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific, each addressing specific regional issues.

Idris reassured citizens that Nigeria’s endorsement of the agreement was preceded by thorough reviews and consultations to ensure no part of the agreement conflicted with the Nigerian Constitution or existing laws, including the 2014 legislation against same-sex relationships. He stressed that any provisions inconsistent with Nigerian laws would be deemed invalid.

The government emphasized its commitment to safeguarding the nation’s interests and adhering to rule-based governance.

The Samoa Agreement, according to Idris, is intended to promote sustainable development, combat climate change, generate investment opportunities, and enhance international cooperation among OACPS member states.

This announcement comes amid ongoing public discourse and criticism from religious leaders and human rights activists, highlighting the complex interplay between international agreements and national sovereignty

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